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Can you Eat like a Pig and still lose weight?

Yes you can. I've personally seen it done by several people, including myself. In fact, I lost 14 pounds of fat using this method and I eat an even higher percentage of fat in my diet than before. I've met over 100 people who have used this technique and lost weight even if they didn't want to. There is nothing you can do about it, you are physiologically **Forced to Lose Weight** with this technique.

There are two major keys to being able to eat like a pig and lose weight. The type of food is not really the most important factor. What is, however, critically important is how the food is processed. More specifically, has the food been heated or cooked over 105 Fahrenheit?

Cooking destroys the vital enzymes which help in digesting the food. Cooking also destroys many other vitamins and nutrients including protein. By cooking fats they are in my experience ten times more fattening than eating them raw. I can eat 4 raw avocados per day and not gain an ounce of fat. Cooking any food makes it more fattening and nutritionally deficient.

Personally, I advocate eating mainly Organic Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds in their raw state. But there are some people who also eat organic raw meat, fish, chicken, etc. I don't think humans were designed to be carnivores, but it's definitely better than consuming cooked foods. Most of you have probably eaten Sushi or Sashimi. There are many cultures around the world that have traditions of eating raw meat. Even the French have a dish that is made up of raw ground beef.

The second key is to eat a lot of fruit and to eat it often throughout the day. The more often you eat, the faster your metabolism gets. Do you want to know how Sumo Wrestlers get so fat? They fast throughout the day and then late at night they eat a huge meal. By fasting during the day it tricks their bodies into thinking there is a shortage and so their metabolism slows down greatly. Fruits will give you energy and make you slim at the same time. They are extremely low in fat and as long as they are raw or uncooked they have all their enzymes and vitamins intact. Plus, they take very little energy to digest so you'll have loads of energy.

I eat around 20 bananas in a day. I have found that I don't need to eat starches or any complex carbohydrates of any kind. I just need to get the equivalent amount of carbohydrates to what I normally got eating bread or pasta from fruit calories. Hence the need to eat 20 or more bananas.

Try having a breakfast of as much fruit as you want to eat. This program was recommended in the all time best selling diet book "Fit for Life", by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. Click here to read more about "Fit for Life"

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Can you Eat Like a Pig and Still Lose Weight?

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