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"Small Changes add up to Major Improvements"

© 2002 Roger Haeske

I want to share with you a technique that has changed my life for the better in numerous ways.. If you do this technique on a weekly basis, it can add up to major improvements in a yearís time. But even if you use it only for one week, it can dramatically improve your life by installing a new positive habit.

In previous discussions, I've called a technique similar to this the Benjamin Franklin Technique. In his autobiography, Franklin discusses his 13 week technique. He had 13 areas of his life that he would focus on improving in one-week intervals. That way he could cover each area 4 times during the year.

This technique is a little more specific. To get anywhere you have to take the first step. Small self-disciplines can quickly improve your life. This week I decided to do a specific routine every morning right after getting up. It was only two activities; those activities dramatically improved my productivity. Just writing this article was made possible because Iíve improved my productivity.

One of my disciplines was to plan my day in writing in my planner pad first thing in the morning. The key was to do this first thing in the morning and to make sure I did this for at least a full week. Now that it's a habit, I don't ever plan to change it. I have been so much more productive this week.

I used to write stuff in my book before, but I did it randomly and not on a daily basis nor at the same time every day. In short, I didn't develop a good habit about doing this at the same time on a daily basis. This one little self-discipline improved my productive output at least 20% for the week.

Now I'm more aware of what I have to do. I am writing more things to do on my master list. I seem to be getting more of the detail work done that used to slip through the cracks. This has translated into more clients as well. Iím just getting more done and in the end that also means making more money. Now I donít complete everything on my list every day, but I do much better than I used to.

Doing little disciplines also helps with your self-esteem. When you are disciplined first thing in the morning, it will also carry over to the rest of your day so that you stay in a productive mode. Every day this week has been productive for me. I couldn't always say that in the past. I actually did three disciplines this week and have been able to stick to them quite well. Next week I already have another self-discipline planned. That should be a very interesting week.

As you can see, I am getting excited by how much my life is improving and it's happening with very small disciplines. I can imagine at the end of the year how improved my life might be in many different facets.

So, instead of loading yourself with lots of self-discipline, just try one or two small disciplines and see if they add up to big changes.

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