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How to Use Habits to Motivate Yourself to Take Action

Our minds love habits and routines. Once your mind gets in a groove it doesn't want to change whether what you are doing is good or bad for you.

I remember when I was a kid; our father forced us to go through a special routine to clean our copper-bottomed pots with copper cleaner. It took longer now because we also had to polish the bottoms. We fought him on it at first, tooth and nail.

A few years later at college, I owned those very same copper pots. Now I was telling everyone else in the house how to do a proper cleaning. I was hooked on the proper cleaning method and took pride in keeping those copper bottoms shiny and free of tarnish.

I actually enjoyed cleaning them in this way. I remember thinking back on how I used to fight my father on doing this. Now it was a habit and I wouldn't do it any other way. My desires had shifted by the power of ESTABLISHING a new HABIT.

This story illustrates the nature of the mind's desire for routine. If you establish positive habits, you will not want to change them. Successful habits are as easy to do as bad habits.

Look at all the things I used to hate in school that I now love.

1. Reading
2. Learning
3. Writing
4. Computers
5. Working out
6. Eating a Raw Food Vegan Diet
7. Public Speaking

Nowadays I love working out. I used to hate it but I established the habit nine years ago and realized so many benefits that I never wanted to stop. If you can establish a habit for at least a week, you have a good chance of turning it into a life long habit. If you continue it for a month or so and it is working well for you, then you can keep it for life without struggle.

Chair Sit Technique:
This simple technique will make you want to get back to work when you aren't motivated. Decide to do nothing else but sit in a chair at your desk for a half hour. You can either do nothing or do your work, but those are your only choices.

I used this exact technique last night to get myself to write this article and stop watching TV. I ended up working for 3 hours. I did it again the next night to edit this article. I just needed to get started and then I got into the work, but before I started, I really didn't feel like doing it.

Remember your mind loves routine. You can use this in your favor. You can do things that you initially didn't like by just starting a habit and sticking to it for at least a week. You can also use the Chair Sit Technique to get motivated to work.

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