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How to Discover Your Switch to Unlimited Success in Life 
© 2002 by Jack Zufelt

"How Dare He Say That?" said the editor of SUCCESS magazine in a review of my popular tape program in the "Strategy For Freedom" section. You see, in my popular tape program I give ample evidence that goal setting, affirmations, motivational speakers and all of the much touted "success techniques" not only do NOT work they are negative and self-destructive to you! And SUCCESS magazine agreed so strongly with what I had to say they went on to feature me a second time.

Do you want to see the proof 
that they do NOT work?

Have you ever set a goal? Yeah, I know, of course you have. 
OK, did you write that goal down and read it frequently? 
Yep on that one too. Now this is the tough one... have you noticed that many, if not most, of those goals you wrote down never happened? Ouch, you probably never thought about that. (By the way -- you are not alone. Millions of other networkers experience this too.)

Goal setting not only does NOT work but 
it's negative and self-destructive for you.

Wow, that is definitely a radical viewpoint. 
Here’s what I mean. 

When you look at your list of goals you wrote down on a 
piece of paper and 8 out of 10 of them did NOT happen, how 
do you feel about you? 

Thousands of people in my audiences describe how they 
feel with statements like "I feel like a failure", 
"I feel bad." "I must not have what it takes." "What’s 
wrong with me?" I never hear any positive comments.

Have you ever succeeded at something that 
you did NOT write down on your goal list? 

Of course you have. Everyone has and does daily. Most of 
the things you accomplish, probably the most important 
"successes" in your life, were NEVER written down on a 
"goal list".

The goal setting gurus admit that only two or three out 
of ten of the things you write down and call goals will 
happen and they feel okay about that. Nowhere else in 
the world is a seventy or eighty percent failure rate 
acceptable (it would get you fired at almost any job) 
but it sure is acceptable in goal setting.

Do you see what I mean that goal setting not only 
does not work but is also self-destructive?

But they were so interesting! 

Have you ever listened to a motivational speaker? How long 
did you stay motivated? If it was just for a short time 
you are not alone - that is quite typical. 

When I ask my audiences all around the world that question 
I always hear things like, "Two days", "Two weeks", "til 
I got out of the parking lot", "To the end of the tape." 
Therefore the only logical conclusion is that motivational 
speakers have no lasting affect. 

"I am...", "I have..." - Yeah right!

Have you ever recited affirmations daily and even put them all over your house, car and desk so you can see and read them all the time? How many became a reality? "None", most people say. Simply stated, they are a waste of time.

There are SO MANY success gurus out there who claim their techniques will lead you out of the dry, hot desert of 
mediocrity or failure into a promised land of exciting 
success... to an oasis of bliss and happiness. The trouble is, techniques aren't what led them to their success and they won't lead you there either. 

Sorry. They promise that if you will set your goals and 
read them every day, or read this or that book or listen 
to motivational speakers, or do daily affirmations and 
visualization, or walk on hot coals, break the boards etc. 
you will achieve success. This is simply NOT the truth.

Here's an important question. 

If all these techniques and formulas actually brought 
people the superstar success they're looking for... 
why are so many people still be looking?

In my seminars and in my tape program I prove that all 
these things simply do NOT work and show you what does work - the honest TRUTH for once.

You see, there is only one "key" to success and without 
this key, success will ALWAYS elude those seeking it. 
My main mentor said that if you know the truth it will 
set you free. Most people aren't free to achieve at the 
level possible because they do not know the truth about 
what it really takes to attain success in their lives. 

There is a God given, unstoppable power within each of 
us that, if not plugged into, will cause the promised 
oasis to be a shimmering, but NEVER attainable mirage. 

Then what does work? 

Knowing WHERE the switch inside of you to your innate, God given power is what DOES WORK. I call that power within you the Conquering Force because there is no obstacle that can withstand it. It can conquer them all. 

Once you know where your switch is you will automatically unleash your Conquering Force, which will cause you to be able to conquer every barrier you face. 

With the switch in it's usual "OFF position" there is 
NO goal you can set, NO book you can read, NO daily 
affirmation that will get you one nano-second closer 
to success. With it in it's full "ON position" success 
is no longer a question of "if" but "WHEN". 

So where is YOUR Switch? 

Where can you find that switch that's inside you - that's 
inside of everyone? It is only found in genuine Core 
Desires. A Core Desire is something you want so badly 
that you will do whatever it takes, become whatever 
you must, to get it... no matter what! No matter how 
difficult, scary or expensive it is. And therein lies 
an age-old problem.

Over 70 years ago Mark Twain said, "I can teach anybody how to get whatever they want out of life. The problem is that I can't find anybody who can tell me what they want." An old Welsh Proverb states that, "The hand 
will not reach for what the heart does not long for."

You must learn how to drill down into the "core" of 
your heart and uncover your Core Desires for they are 
the switch to that unstoppable Conquering Force that 
resides within you. 

I have a foolproof way for people to accurately identify 
their Core Desires on a scale of 1 to 100. It's the 100s 
that will happen. A 60 on the Core Desire scale will get 
you 60% of the way there. A 70 will get you 70% of the 
way the way there and so forth. The day there is a barrier even slightly bigger (like a 61 or 71 on the same scale) than your desire it will stop you permanently just as a dam does water.

To discover YOUR Core Desires you must pay very close attention to the TRUE feelings you experience as you ask yourself two basic questions. 

The first question gets you started (but the first answer 
people give is rarely accurate): 
"What would I like to have that I don't currently have?" 

The second question is the drill: 
"If I had that what would that give me that I don't have?" 

Keep asking yourself that after each answer until you 
hit pay dirt.

You will know you have drilled down to a Core Desire 
because it is always accompanied by an intense, sometimes poignant, though not always visible, emotional reaction. You will know it when it happens. Core Desires are the only reason people succeed at anything. Master this and you will live a life full of joy and satisfaction in all areas of life at the same time. 

Would you like to learn more about how to identify YOUR Core Desires and unleash your Conquering Force? Or find out why do some people achieve extraordinary success (however you define success) in life while others struggle for years? Discover the secret to their success - EVERYTHING is REVEALED in this Special Report for you... 

Copyright 2002 by Jack Zufelt

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