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How to Improve Your Life by Reevaluating Your Values

2002 Roger Haeske 

I believe our priorities in life are very important. They decide what we end up doing and getting in life.

Our differences in priorities are what make us different. One of my highest priorities has always been to be healthy. Ever since I was a child, I valued my health. It was a high priority for me not to smoke or do drugs.

I never wanted to smoke because I knew it would make me less of an athlete. I never understood why any athlete would even consider smoking.

However, maybe they believed at the time it would make them cool or maybe help them attract members of the opposite sex. But, in my mind, those are very poor reasons because I value my heath over artificial methods of raising one's self-esteem. Why are people willing to risk their life and health for the good opinion of other unhealthy people?

So many people fall into this trap. When I see someone smoking, I know they have very different priorities than I do. I hate cigarettes. I also tend not to associate with people who smoke. I want to be around people who are into clean living and people who don't fall for peer-pressure.

Another very important value of mine is being fit and thin. This ties in with my emphasis on health. I'll bet you that my values are very different from someone who is overweight. I'm quite sure that if they had my values then they would be thin as well.

This is the main point of this article. You can change your life by changing or shuffling your values a bit. If you want to experience weight loss, manage your time better, or learn speed-reading, it has everything to do with your values.

If I were to put on two or three extra pounds of fat, I would start getting worried. I'd immediately form a plan to get rid of that fat. Luckily, I've only had to take action in this way a few times. But I never let those extra pounds get out of hand.

I think many people who are overweight may not take any action on their weight problems until they are 50 or more pounds overweight. Maybe they think it is normal to put on pounds as the years go by. Maybe they are just joining the crowd to be like almost everyone else these days.

I do feel that people have legitimate problems maintaining a healthy weight. For some it is easier than others. I think that most people who get overweight also feel like they can't control themselves.

We all have our problems in life. For some people it is a weight issue. For others it's a self-esteem issue. Therefore, I'm not putting down people who are overweight. We all have our problems. This is what Superbeing.com is all about. It's about helping you overcome your life issues and being the best you can be.

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With this diet, I eat as much as I want and I don't have to worry about my weight at all. I can even eat a 70% fat diet, eat till I'm stuffed and still be thin.

I am just amazed at what I see every day. I'd say 75% of the people I see are overweight here in New Jersey (USA).

An interesting thing I found is that the people in NYC are much thinner than in NJ. They are maybe only 40% overweight. They must have higher priorities when it comes to putting on extra weight. People in different areas have different values and it shows.

A great exercise is to make a list of your values in life and then prioritize them. You may find that, due to inertia, you aren't even following your own list of priorities or you may want to change the order of some of your values.

Here's a sample list: (I'm not suggesting that this should be your values.) 1. Family 2. Business Success 3. Happiness 4. Freedom 5. Health 6. Friends

I see a little problem with this list of values. You may see some problems as well. If you rank business success higher than happiness, you'll be willing to have a job or career you hate to make yourself a success in business.

Of course, for many people that wouldn't be a success at all. Life is a journey and you should enjoy the ride as much as possible. This person might also work in a job where people smoke because he values business success higher than his health.

Here is a possible different ordering of priorities. You may find problems with this order in your own life. Nevertheless, it just shows you how your values and how you prioritize them changes what you do in life.

1. Happiness 2. Health 3. Freedom 4. Business Success 5. Family 6. Friends

People who derive lots of happiness from their families and friends might order this list quite differently. Make your own list of up to 10 values, or more if you like. Then order them and play around with them. Are you actually living within your own value system or have you slipped? It seems strange but you can definitely shift your values to get more of what you want out of life.

Keep in mind that you shouldn't have to struggle to live within your values. They are who you are. However, you may want to change some of your values if your current values aren't serving you.

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