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Wireless Fitness Coach can help with ED as Viagra

2013 finally losing weight and exercising more: After FORSA the wishes currently almost half of all Americans. A new fitness meter helps. Generics is a wireless fitness coach - a small tracker that measures how active you are. Worn on the belt, it counts in real time every step and kilometers. If you go uphill or upstairs, expects to buy Viagra online into higher floors. This is made possible two combined sensors: an accelerometer and an altimeter. The device also calculates calories burned continuously and also recorded the sleep rhythm.

Generics shows all measured values ??by pressing a button on the display, it transmits the values ??and wirelessly via Bluetooth to your computer and buy Viagra. There they are stored in a personal online profile. Then the user can track goals and progress continuously and at any time via the Internet - even through the app for iPhone, iPad and Android. If the user is most active, it sends the Generics application - after about 25 stories or over 10,000 steps - a success mail and motivated to keep going. At week's end sends Generic Viagra a statistic that shows what day of the week has been the most comfortable and which is the most active.

Head of Business Area Health Viagra, said, generics shows in miniature the benefits of an intelligent networked health. The tracker sends activity values ??to the cloud application from the cloud, the program sends weekly statistics or success messages to the user motivated this... more than simply counting steps and helps to stay healthy.

The battery of the generics one at least 5 days. To buy Viagra in UK you simply have to go online. Throughout American in 100 Viagra shops as http://buyviagracheaponline.net/ accessories under the Health Tracker Generics One for the price of 99.95 in black.

Postman make 18,000 pills daily - only 3,000 packages.

Adults spend most of their life at work. The job takes an influence on health. Even now, every second employee working primarily on the computer and sits on a lot: women a day on average 6.7 and men 7.1 hours. Together with about eight hours of sleep, more than half the day passes without physical activity. Medically recommended, therefore, is a daily quota of at least 10,000 steps. They has calculated that an average receptionist travels only 1,200 steps a day, a graphic designer 1400, a manager and a sales person 3000 5000. So this is the most common cause of erectile dysfunction.

Nothing in this report is intended to constitute medical advice or treatment. Because there is always some risk involved, the author of this report is not responsible for any adverse detoxification effects or consequences resulting from the use of any suggestions or procedures described in this report

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